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Where the Science of Learning
Meets the Art of Teaching®

Colored Fit Learning Logo

Where the Science of Learning
Meets the Art of Teaching®

At Fit Learning Orange County, our mission is to transform the cognitive abilities of every learner who walks through our doors - regardless of age, disability, challenge, or label.

Fit Learning is different. We are not like traditional tutoring centers. Why?

• Fit doesn’t assign homework. Ever.

• All responsibility for academic transformation is on us. Not you.

• Our curriculum is individualized based on your child’s unique assessment results.

• Each child is celebrated for achieving their personal best, not how they stack up against other kids.

• We don’t provide homework help. Instead, we teach the skills that are keeping them from being successful in school. Ultimately, this will make homework time less stressful.

The Fit Learning Model:

informed by science, loved by learners.

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The Fit Learning Model isolates core learning skills and trains them to fluency – a measure of true mastery or proficiency. Our Founding Directors, who all hold doctorates in psychology with a specialization in learning science, have been developing this method since 1998.


Our method is a profoundly lifechanging process that consistently produces 1 to 2 years growth in 40 hours. We make learning effortless for the gifted and talented, average, struggling, or learning disabled.

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We craft warm, loving environments where learning is a joyful experience.


Our program is not your traditional, one-size-fits-all education program. We consistently challenge our learners with fast-paced, 1-on-1 interactions. Like any sport, there are objectives, rewards, and a serious amount of high fives.

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Fit Learning is currently the only organization in the world that combines the science of learning, precision teaching, direct instruction, curriculum-based measurement, and relational frame theory into one comprehensive approach.


We value science as the crowning achievement of humanity. Educational practices guided by science should be a fundamental human right for every student on the planet.

Our Process Enhances the Learning Environment

We view a learner’s current and past instructional environments as primarily responsible for learning gains. Instructional environments encompass a vast array of features such as:

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• how motivational systems are designed,

• how learning materials are designed and presented,

• how responses are prompted, secured and strengthened,

• how feedback is provided,

• how learning is measured and evaluated,

• how instruction is modified based on this evaluation, and

• how skill mastery is determined and produced.

A life of learning begins with the first step.


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